This is an audio visual animation made in Max/MSP/Jitter using OpenGL. Using data bent sounds and a heavy focus on rhythm, it aims to disorientate and confuse.

The animation has been created by analyzing the soundtrack to create an abstract shape which is then explored via the loudness of different elements of the sound. To increase the connection between the audio and the visual the shape vibrates and bounces in time, whilst parts appear and disappear as the shape is covered in sound.

Created with help from Gantz Graf Extended and Jitter Recipes the sounds were created by sampling noises from non audio files imported raw into audacity, composed and sequenced in Renoise. The patch makes use of real time audio analysis and interaction to control a Non-uniform Rational B-Spline Surface with a midi controller to add effects and further manipulation of the faces and texture of the shape and the world its in.

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